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pediatric Occupational Therapy services

Phone (619) 663-4020


San Diego, CA

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Does your child frequently struggle with...

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  • Participating in Daily Routines

(Morning routine, bedtime routine, mealtime)

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  • Completing Specific Daily Tasks

(Dressing, toileting, toothbrushing, picky eating, sleep, to name a few...)

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  • Emotional Regulation (i.e. frequently experiences meltdowns, you have difficulty understanding their wants/needs)
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  • School Participation (Poor attention and focus, meltdowns, handwriting challenges, participation in daily tasks like lunch and recess, difficulty making friends)
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Reasons for these challenges may include:

  • Sensory differences
  • Delayed achievement of developmental milestones
  • Fine motor or gross motor challenges
  • Delays in executive functioning and/or emotional regulation
  • Limited parent and teacher education on how to best support a neurodivergent child!

Occupational Therapy can help you make sense of these challenges!

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At MakeSense we specialize in...

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Self-Regulation/Emotional Regulation

Sensory Processing Differences

Picky Eating

Participation in Daily Tasks

Parent and Teacher Education


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Who Do We Serve?

Children of all ages! At MakeSense, we provide skilled occupational therapy services to children, adolescents, and young adults ages birth to 21 years of age, their families, and their educators.

What Do We do?

We use our unique occupational therapy lens to

1) Help children, families, and educators make sense of a child's daily challenges

2) Identify solutions (teaching new skills, modifying the activity or environment, parent/teacher education)

3) Improve quality of life and participation in daily routines and activities!

Where Will Services Take Place?

We come to you! At MakeSense we provide services in a child's natural settings: their home, their school, or somewhere in their community (ex. local park or playground). *Services are provided within San Diego County.

At MakeSense we are...

At MakeSense We Are.....

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Child and Family Centered

This means we develop goals based on what is most important and meaningful to the child and their family.

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Child Led

Children learn new skills best when they feel safe and empowered. At MakeSense, we use a child's strengths and interests to guide our session while learning new skills. We do NOT force or pressure the child to comply.

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Neurodiversity Affirming

This means that we do not believe any child needs to be "fixed". We honor that many individuals simply learn, think, and play differently!

What we focus on is educating the child, their family, and their educators on how we can best support and celebrate a child's differences in order to improve quality of life and enhance access to learning!

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Meet Ali !

Phone (619) 663-4020


San Diego, CA

About Ali Muro MS, OTR/L

Ali is a pediatric occupational therapist based in San Diego, CA. She is also the founder/owner of MakeSense Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services.

Ali received her Master of Occupational Therapy from Ithaca College in New York State. Since graduating, Ali has experience working in special education programs across the country serving students of all ages (birth-21). Due to the unique school programs Ali chose to work in early on in her career, she has experience working with hundreds of children with complex medical, emotional, and behavioral needs. Ali later incorporated early intervention into her practice working with children birth-3 years of age. It was during her time working in early intervention that Ali became passionate about the importance of family-centered therapy and parent education.

Over the course of her career, Ali has become passionate about working with neurodivergent children and their families. Ali is a firm believer that involving a child's family and educators in the therapeutic process is an extremely important aspect of her services. Through her skilled occupational therapy services, Ali strives to help empower children the children she works with and improve their quality of life through teaching new skills. Equally as important as teaching new skills, Ali is driven to help parents and teachers better understand the child's strengths, differences and unique needs so they can best support the child in participating in their life to their fullest capacity! Ali specializes in sensory processing, emotional regulation, picky eating, and parent/teacher education.